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Planet Foods is a market leader with a strong competitive advantage in the Western Canadian Natural Foods industry. Using multifaceted knowledge for every level of retail sales, the Planet Foods team represents brands to their utmost potential. We offer continual support for our retailers through customized marketing techniques and unsurpassed customer service that guarantees results. The Planet Foods team also works directly with manufacturers to achieve a high level in the market place quickly and effectively.

Our team is the only Western Canadian Distributor that can effectively channel brands between the natural and conventional market places. Our profile of customers comprise of small, independently owned vitamin and supplement shops, health food stores, sport stores, restaurants, cafés, convenience stores and Canada’s largest retail chains.

Planet Foods also offers customized brand development marketing packages for our family of products. We directly support manufacturers and work openly with retail stores to facilitate each brand's achievement potential in the market place. Planet Foods continues to pilot the industry with category leaders by nurturing each go-to-market strategy. Together, Planet Foods and its manufacturers direct the Natural Foods Market industry in Western Canada.

Please feel free to contact us and learn about how we can capture the Western Canadian market together... or even the world.


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